eave work at the door and take a break from busy schedules to enjoy some fun engaging activities as a team. We work together with team leaders to design a custom programme to suit your company objectives and budget. TBTL specializes in customizing programmes for participants ranging from primary to institutes of higher learning levels as well as corporate clienteles. Some of our programmes and services include:

Together Everyone Achieves More!

Sports Events

Sports event services that provide affordable sound system rental and emceeing services to liven up the atmosphere.

Leadership Programmes

Our leadership programme focuses on providing real world context learning through authentic experiences in teachable moments and scenario-based learning. The Leadership Challenge will incorporate the 5 Social Emotional Learning Competencies to achieve the 21st Century Competencies.

Adventure Camps

Our Adventure Camps consists of 4 main unique activities. Confidence Courses, Teambuilding & Poblem Solving, Water Adventure and Survival Skills. In keeping the tradition of camping, we are always keen to provide the best campfire experience for our participants!

Teambuilding Programmes

Tailored specifically to our client’s objectives, TBTL aims to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes through a diverse range of indoor and outdoor-based activities such as Amazing Race, Sandcastle Building Challenge, Lego Challenge and Puzzle Solving. Our teambuilding training philosophy takes after the stages of Tuckman’s Group Development Model – Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Outdoor & Sports

Our PAL programme cater to participants of ages 5 to 9, focusing on building fundamental movement skills and experiential learning. We provide fun, meaningful and enriching experiences through a hands-on approach in age-appropriate physical and situational-based activities.

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