Adventure Camps

Beyond the four walls of a classroom, the great outdoors is a great place to be free to recreate ourselves and learn through our senses.

Not all classrooms have walls. Outdoor education nurtures students by letting their wonder and curiosity takes charge of their learning process.

Listen. Share. Adapt.

Adventure camps activities are tailored to boost confidence, build character and in time develop active contributors to society. Outdoor education is a platform to inspire students to believe in their own potential.

“What you sow now, you can only reap a while later”.

Children Camps

Take a leap away from the digital world. Explore the urban jungle and discover hidden gems around the island.

Reignite the “Kampong Spirit”, experience the old school method of social cohesion in a community whereby children forms great bonds with their neighbours and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Children camps provide a safe environment for children to let their imagination loose and acquire new skills daily.

Participate in fun activities ranging from arts, sports and the outdoors. Through Social Emotional Learning (SEL), children will find it easier to foster new friendships.

For children aged 6 – 11.

PAL Programmes

Programme for Active Learning uses engaging pedagogies to create a controlled, play and learn environment. It is a safe space for our young participants to build self-confidence while developing good everyday habits and behaviours relevant to their lives.

Through hands-on activities, teamwork plays an essential role as they work on relationship management on-the-go whilst exploring ways to respond to uncertainties and diverse challenges.

To facilitate these process, our young participants will be asked open ended questions during certain teachable moments from time to time. Coupled with a series of reflection, they will understand the importance of awareness and decision making process throughout PAL Lessons.

We major in PAL Sports and Games and PAL Outdoor Education.

Guardians Of The Future

Superheroes are role models, exudes charisma and confidence. These attributes are akin to that of an exemplary leader. Naturally, everyone is a leader in their own way and in order to bring out the utmost potential in them, TBTL enrols participants into our SUPERLEADER Training Academy

Superleaders-in-training will undergo a series of missions to learn the indispendable mindsets and skillsets to be an outstanding leader. With these newly discovered powers, our Superleaders will shine and live up to their fullest potential.

Accompanied with Interactive Lecturers, Experiential Hands-On Activities, Mutual Discussions/ Presentation and Scenario Based Role-Plays, our Superleaders will be able to explore and understand how their power can inspire, motive and enable others to act.

Fitness Events

Family Events